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12-14-2015 Washingtonian Magazine

Local Food, Booze, and Treats for Anyone Who Loves to Eat (And, Um, That’s Everyone)

...Everyone gives peppermint bark. This is just as festive, and delivers a zesty kick of fruity flavor. Cranberry orange pistachio bark, from $7 at

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10-28-2015 Washington Post Express

D.C.-made candy to pass out at Halloween

Local artisanal candy-makers are out to change the way people think about candy, sprinkling their own twists into classic candy recipes and making life a little bit sweeter. Here are three candy-makers bringing something different to the candy bowl, including alcohol-laced lollipops and preservative-free caramels — just in time for Halloween.

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08-18-2015 Candy Industry

The Capital Candy Jar: A delicious treat in D.C.

Working out of a kitchen just a few blocks north of the U.S. Capitol building, Dave Burton and his team create an assortment of lollipops, flavored marshmallows, chocolate-covered Oreos, divinity, barks and other tasty confections...

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08-14-2015 DCist

The Weekly Feed: Summer Camp Edition

Oktoberfest beers and candy corn might already be creeping onto store shelves, but don’t be fooled. It’s only mid-August and there’s still plenty of time to savor all summer has to offer. One way to enjoy the rest of the season wisely: go get a s’more.

The best s’mores are made over a campsite fire, but that’s easier said than done in D.C. Fortunately, there are a couple bakeries and restaurants in the area that offer their take on the simple treat.

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08-09-2015 DC Outlook

Banana & Peanut Butter Cup S’mores Highlight Washington DC Celebration of National S’mores Day

The Capital Candy Jar is partnering with several local DC businesses to celebrate National S’mores Day on Monday, August 10th. Over the last year and a half, The Capital Candy Jar's giant gourmet s'mores have become a secret obsession for DC foodies. The booth at local festivals and farmer's markets attracts long lines of people anxious to try one of the unique flavors of the giant gourmet s'mores. Customers can select from six different...

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05-01-2015 Urban Scrawl DC Blog

Person of Interest: Dave Burton

Dave Burton’s first real job was at the age of 14. He was a singing fudge maker at a mall near the Rocky Mountains. With a long history of work and passion for sugary treats, Dave is now the owner of The Capital Candy Jar.  A DC resident since 2006, find out what Dave is up to when he’s not satisfying his sweet tooth:

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11-14-2014 3039 M Fall Issue-Official Magazine of the Junior League of Washington

(Page 18) David Burton-The Capital Candy Jar

What is your main line of business?  We make small batch confections by hand.  Our signature candy is divinity, which we offer in five flavors plus a few seasonal flavors from time to time.  We also make lollipops in 20 flavors, marshmallows in 10 flavors, chocolate-covered pretzel rods...

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11-12-2014 Rewrapped on The Food Network

Jumpin' for Pumpkin Donuts

Three chefs hope to score a hole in one when they Recreate the Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Pumpkin Cake Donut, but one chef gets bold by not using pumpkin in their donuts! In the Innovate Round, it's a battle between sweet and savory. Set sail to a new world of snack-inspired creations on this episode of Rewrapped!

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11-12-2014 Metro Weekly

Sweet Tooth

It is 11 p.m. on Monday night and Dave Burton has just finished making 300 marshmallows and 500 chocolate-covered Oreos. He has been in the kitchen for the last four hours but has been working since 8 a.m. — spending the day processing orders, picking up supplies, paying bills and preparing for a slew of upcoming holiday markets. This start-up candy maker is tired...

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10-17-2014 Pollyana Events Blog

Capital Candy Jar "Tell All"

If your keeping up with District Bliss’ news, then you know we are doing a “tell all” about each of the vendors we are working with for our first social.  Our first company we will be talking about is Capital Candy Jar. They are the talk of the town…or maybe that’s the sweets talking ;) No, really. Not only was the company started by a super nice, intelligent, go-getter, Dave, he is also good...

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10-16-2014  Photos from the Harty Blog

Sneak Peek into Capital Candy Jar's Kitchen

District Bliss Takes a Delicious Field Trip. Because the amazing chef behind Capital Candy Jar is generously donating treats for District Bliss' first social, Sarah Campbell, of Pollyanna Events, and  got a tour of the Capital Candy Jar kitchen (located at Union Kitchen) - and it was delicious.  It was so yummy that you could actually taste the sweetness in the AIR!  It was magical...

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7-1-2014 TGI Fridays "Summer of Fridays" Blog

Sweet Shop

While most kids were begging for candy from their moms, Dave Burton was making candy with his. At first, he made homemade lollipops simply to earn extra cash during junior high school. But his love of crafting homemade candy stuck with him, so he turned his passion into an online sweet shop...

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